Tracking Dirty Transnational Trades

A team of reporters connects the dots between investigations of high-value football transfers, the companies involved and the tax havens they use to shield themselves.

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Dead Bulgarian Football Leaders

Adherents of Ilia Pavlov copied his moves and his interests. Some lost their lives when they became leaders of groups that invested in football—as he did.

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IRA may be buying prime Bulgarian land

Land on the Black Sea coast and around Bulgaria’s biggest ski resort now belongs to the nephews of Thomas “Slab” Murphy, allegedly the chief of staff of the Provisional IRA. Young nephews of Thomas "Slab" Murphy, the alleged former chief of staff of the Provisional IRA, registered two companies in Bulgaria in 2007 and started buying up prime development real estate.

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Bulgarian Smuggling

A reed building outside Plovdiv,a ship stopped near Varna, and a train found in Kalotina have all been found full of illegal tobacco products. Unafraid of arrest, civil servants help smugglers in Bulgaria. Much cigarette smuggling is accomplished with the direct aid or involvement of police, border patrol or customs officers, official information about the biggest recent cases demonstrates.

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Secret lair of the man who milked millions from SA credit cards

BULGARIAN mafioso hunted for operating the biggest credit-card fraud racket to have hit South Africa is back in business in his home town. Jelio Smaragdov Staykov, 35, who bribed his way out of the holding cells at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court five months ago, is a member of the Eastern European country’s mafia called the “Wrestlers.” Powerful and wealthy, they run the most highly organised crime syndicates in their country and are infamous for showing their victims no mercy.

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