Наръчник за подготовка на журналистически разследвания

През учебните 2008-2009 и 2009-2010 г. Алексения Димитрова от "24 часа" и Станимир Въгленов от Вестникарска група България, водиха курс по разследваща журналистика във Факултета по журналистика и масова комуникация на Софийския университет „Св. Климент Охридски". Част от лекциите бяха изнесени и пред студенти и преподаватели във Великотърновския университет, Югозападния университет в Благоевград, Пловдивския университет и Нов български университет. Поради големия интерес лекторите подготвиха наръчник, който съдържа базови понятия, етични правила и практически съвети за журналистическото разследване. Помагалото е подготвено и с финансовата помощ на Програма Matra/KAP към Посолството на Кралство Нидерландия в България В бъдеще то ще бъде актуализирано и допълвано с последните тенденции в световната разследваща журналистика. Изтегли наръчника тук.

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Handbook with practical tips for journalistic investigation

In 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 academic years Alexenia Dimitrova from 24 Hours Daily and Stanimir Vaglenov from Newspaper Group Bulgaria, were visiting lecturers on investigative journalism in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Sofia University. Later they presented some of their lectures in Veliko Tarnovo University, South-Western University in Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv University and New Bulgarian University. Due to the large interest from the public, the trainers wrote a manual, which contains basic concepts, ethical rules and practical tips for journalistic investigation. Handbook was written with the financial assistance of Matra / KAP program of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bulgaria. In the future it will be updated with the recent trends in the global investigative journalism. You can download the handbook here.

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Global forum for youth to discuss media and peacebuilding

Multimedia, Networking Region: Worldwide Journalism students from around the world are invited to Thailand for a conference that will focus on harnessing media and information communication technologies (ICFJ) as agents of peace. The Second Global Forum on the Power of Peace will be held May 21 to 23, in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Environmental journalism sought for reporting contest in Russia

A contest in Russia that aims to foster environmental reporting and attract public attention to the theme of saving biodiversity in the eastern regions of Russia is now accepting entries. Deadline: May 15.

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Training manual for media professional focuses on civic education

UNESCO has recently published a training manual on civil education as part of its efforts to broaden the capabilities of media professionals in developing countries. The manual, "Civic Education for Media Professionals: A Training Manual," focuses on principles that lie in the heart of UNESCO's mandate.

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